Product Owner, Lead Artist (2D, VFXs, 3D), Designer

Main work on game includes creation of all visual effects, setting up appearance of levels, creating cutscene sequences, and modeling additional  environmental assets.

Aided in the the initial design and gameplay concepts of the game, and designed various levels used as challenge and tutorial levels to serve as extensions to the main levels that are created. In general manage art team and provide feedback and references for asset creation.


A First-Person puzzle game made in Unity, in which players control a human-made robot that is sent to Mars to transverse an ancient alien ruin that has shrouded Mars in a dangerous atmosphere that prevents humans from exploring it further.

In order to get through the puzzles the block the way, the robot is equipped with a special projection system that allows it to create wires of light to interact with the environment. With various upgrades, players will push, pull, grapple, and power through the various mechanisms of the ruins as they get closer to solving the mysteries.

Project is made is association with Becker College through a Microsoft Creator's Program where it is set to release in the Windows store in 2020. Project also showcased at Becker College's both at PAX East 2019.


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