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Stardust Mystery: Building the Universe


BTU Trailer

BTU Trailer

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Game Artist (VFXs, 2D, 3D), Designer

Main work on game includes creation of all visual effects (Over 50+ VFXs), rendering cutscene sequences, creating implementing 2D UI assets, setting up 2D assets for Steam, and modeling additional  environmental assets.


Aided in the the initial design and gameplay concepts of the game, and tested game builds for bugs in a Agile work setting in bi-weekly sprints. Additionally worked with designers in implementing effects into the code in Unity in C#.


A short First-Person educational science game made in Unity, in which players go to the back in time to discover how the Universe came to be. Through learning about the first particles created in the universe, players will be able to create some of foundational elements that helped to make our Solar System the living ecosystem it is today.


The game was released in April 2020 to be used as additional learning material alongside the Stardust Mystery book, among other lesson plans. Project also showcased at The Beamer's booth at PAX East 2019.


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