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Stardust Mystery:
Raptor Adventure & Searching for My Stardust (Alpha)



Game Artist

Main work on Raptor Adventure included creation of 10+ environmental sprites, as well as creating the ending cutscene image for the game.


Main work on the prototype/alpha for Searching for My Stardust included creating the introduction cutscene of the game, which is composed of 13 images. Additionally made the ending cutscene images for this game as well. Aided in the creation of 45+ item assets to be used in the game's backgrounds and inventory, and created 10 background assets.


Raptor Adventure is a top-down 2D educational science game made in Unity, in which players go to the back in time to learn more about the dinosaurs by exploring the environment and solving mysteries.

Searching for My Stardust is a point-and-click adventure game made in Unity, to where the science aspect of these game focuses on the human body as players travel through it. As they get smaller in size, they will learn more about the subatomic building blocks we are composed of.


The games were released in August 2020 and October 2020 respectively, and were made to be used as additional learning material alongside the Stardust Mystery book, among other lesson plans.


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